I am the Assistant Service Manager for Pete Alewine Pool & Spa, the CSRA’s premier pool builder, pool service and maintenance provider since 1998.  In my position, I have been asked all types of questions.  One that has come up recently, I felt was important enough to share.

The caller stated that her Intellichlor Salt System had stopped working.  She said that there was only one light on the display unit, and that the pool had started turning green.

Your Salt System and Winter Temperatures

The Salt Systems that produce the Chlorine for salt water pools have automatic shut-off settings as the water flowing through the cell cools down.  For most Pentair Intellichlor systems, the setting is the water temperature dropping below 52 degrees.  When the sensors note the water temperature dropping below that value, the system will effectively shut off and stop their Chlorine production.      

“Salt Water Pool” Vs. “Chlorine Pool”

A common misconception is that salt water pools do not use Chlorine as their sanitizer.  This is not true.  Salt Water Pools use a special salinity cell to convert the salt in the water into the same Chlorine that other pools use granular Chlorine and/or sticks or tabs for.  What does this mean?  It means that as far as the water sanitizer goes, the only difference between the two types of systems is how the Chlorine in the water is produced. 

Sanitizers and Their Role

What do sanitizers do for your pool?  The sanitizer in your pool, generally Chlorine, binds with bacteria and other natural contaminants, keeping swimmers from getting sick and keeping the water clean and safe.  Without sanitizer, algae and bacteria will take hold and your pool will begin to look more like a swamp than a swimming pool.  The water will turn cloudy, green, and swimmers will risk getting illnesses including ear infections or worse. 

As the water begins to cool down in the late autumn and early winter, less sanitizer is needed to keep the pool clean from contaminants.  The colder water inhibits the growth of algae and other bacteria, requiring less Chlorine at any given time.

  • Ben Dedrick – Asst. Service Manager

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