R74 34 & 28-Jet Model


R74 34 & 28-Jet Model

Revitalize and rejuvenate with the powerful hydrotherapy of Durasport in the R74. This spacious model seats up to 5 people, and features our popular lounger seating with up to 34 high-quality hydrotherapy jets, allowing you to unwind and let go of stress.



  • Hydrotherapy Jets: 34 or 28-Jet Configuration
  • Seating: Up to 5 Adults
  • Spa Dimensions: 74″ x 80″ x 34”
  • Spa Volume: Approximately 380 USG
  • Ozonator: Included
  • Lighting: Underwater LED + LED Controls
  • Pump: 5 BHP (34-Jet), 2 BHP (28-Jet)
  • Voltage: 240v (34-Jet), 120v Plug & Play or 240v (28-Jet)
  • Heater: 4kw (34-Jet), 1kw/4kw (28-Jet)
  • Unique Features: Multi-port Jets + Waterfall Handle + Pillows
  • Cover: Vinyl Soft Cover included





Two-Tone Stainless-Steel Jets

The luxurious two-tone stainless-steel jets in the Durasport RL80 hot tub provide a powerful and therapeutic massage experience. The adjustable jets allow users to customize the intensity of their massage, while the dual-speed motor ensures high performance and durability.

Built-In Ice Bucket With Lid

Looking for the perfect addition to accentuate your luxurious spa experience? The RL80’s Built-In Ice Bucket allows you to keep drinks and refreshments cool & close while enjoying the therapeutic jets and heated water of your brand new hot tub.


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