E30L 30-JET


E30L 30-JET

The E30L 30-Jet is perfect for all occasions and features our Plug & Play design. Whether you’re coming back from a workout or just a long day at the office, the E30L 30-Jet from our Embark Series offers an unrivalled and intimate home leisure experience. Featuring our signature Strong Spas designs and innovations, the E30L 30-Jet is perfect for enjoying those special moments with family and friends, or for a quick first-class hydrotherapy session after a tough week. UV/O3 sanitation, Bluetooth-ready stereo, and acrylic shell color upgrades optional.

  • 30 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 1 Massage Pump
  • Seating for up to 5 Adults
  • Exterior LED Sconces
  • Ozone Purification System
  • 74”L x 74” L x 34” H






The Embark Series aims to transport you to a world of relaxation — all at affordable prices. With zero compromises to quality, you can expect to find a balanced blend of customizable add-ons and unrivaled features. With 5 unique models spread out across lounger, non-lounger, and Plug & Play models, the Embark series is the perfect way to both begin your home therapy journey or upgrade an existing home spa product.

The Embark Series adopts a modern design to leverage a blend of luxurious features and first-class efficiency. Strong Spas Embark Series hot tubs feature LED sconces with two-tone, oversized jets to create an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience. The rejuvenating luxury of the Embark Series comes encased in a sleek, soothing, and efficient tub design with the option of additional UV/ Ozone and Bluetooth features.

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