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A Durasport Spas, we custom build each hot tub to ensure we maintain our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our success is a result of our strict quality control measures and our nine-phase manufacturing process at our production facility.

Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality hot tubs. Additionally, all of our products are compliant with CSA standards, providing our customers with additional peace of mind.

  • Proud member of the International Hot Tub Association (IHTA)
  • We adhere to the IHTA’s strict membership criteria related to industry legislation, certification, and licensing.



We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. With each new generation of hot tubs we release, we strive to refine and enhance our products to stay at the forefront of the industry. We are dedicated to creating, designing, and building hot tubs that are unmatched in terms of quality and features.


Durability is the key to long-lasting products, and it’s at the core of our designs. We design spas that are able to withstand wear and tear, and we stand by the durability and security of our products. We are proud to offer spas that can endure any climate.


Innovation is a continuous process at Durasport Spas. We are constantly developing new ideas, product features, and technology. With every new generation of hot tubs we release, we strive to improve and refine our products.


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R-19 19-Jet Model

  R-19 19-Jet Model The Durasport R-19 offers more than you would typically expect. It seats up to 5 of your family and friends in a circular seating configuration, and features 19 top-of-the-line hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing experience.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: 19-Jet Configuration Seating: Up to 5 Adults Spa Dimensions: 75″ x Read More

O-22 22-Jet Model

  O-22 22-Jet Model The Durasport O-22 boasts striking curb appeal and seats 2 people, allowing them to relax in style. This spa is equipped with 22 top-of-the-line hydrotherapy jets and boasts additional features such as a detachable tray and pillows for added comfort.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: 22-Jet Configuration Seating: Up to 2 Read More

TR-26 26-Jet Model

  TR-26 26-Jet Model Want to de-stress, unwind, or just relax with loved ones? The Durasport TR-26 spa is designed for you. With comfortable lounger seating and 26 high-quality hydrotherapy jets, it’s the perfect place to unwind with friends and family.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: 26-Jet Configuration Seating: Up to 3 Adults Spa Dimensions: Read More

R74 34 & 28-Jet Model

  R74 34 & 28-Jet Model Revitalize and rejuvenate with the powerful hydrotherapy of Durasport in the R74. This spacious model seats up to 5 people, and features our popular lounger seating with up to 34 high-quality hydrotherapy jets, allowing you to unwind and let go of stress.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: 34 or Read More

RNL80 34 & 28-Jet Model

  RNL80 34 & 28-Jet Model Create lasting memories with family and friends in the Durasport RNL80, a model that comfortably seats up to 6 people. With its spacious seating and up to 34 top-of-the-line hydrotherapy jets, this spa is the perfect place to relax and make countless special moments.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: Read More

RL80 34 & 28-Jet Model

  RL80 34 & 28-Jet Model Experience the perfect blend of intimacy and therapeutic water massage in the Durasport RL80. This model comfortably seats up to 5 people in our popular lounger seating style and features up to 34 high-quality hydrotherapy jets for an enhanced relaxation experience with loved ones.    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hydrotherapy Jets: Read More