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Select Series Spas

Select Series Spas

Having your own home spa might seem like something that is designed for entertainment and relaxation, but it can also be practical. Our energy efficient hot tubs keep the best of our signature Sundance® Spas style, but utilize an array of mechanical and technological features to conserve time, water, electricity, and money. With reduced costs you can see on your monthly utility bills, you’ll enjoy a whole new level of relaxation.

Both eco-friendly home spas in our Select Series®, Victoria® and Constance® are large enough to accommodate your guests and family. Each model provides a great space for backyard parties and solo soaking. Best of all, both come equipped with standard features to maximize efficiency. The CLEARRAY® Water Management System keeps your water crystal clear and sanitary, which reduces strain on other parts of the spa, along with the time you spend on cleaning and maintenance. Optional SunStrong® spa covers will protect your home spa from dirt and debris, in addition to retaining warmth, so it takes less time and energy to heat up. The UV-resistant materials used in production increase durability and save your hot tub from looking weathered. Dusk-sensing exterior lights, adjustable jets, and intuitive control displays make owning a model from our Select Series® collection as relaxing as it is economical.

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