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Fiberglass Pricing

Pete Alewine Pool & Spa is excited to now be installing in-ground fiberglass pools. Partnering with Thursday Pools and Latham Pools, the leading fiberglass pool manufacturing companies in the industry, Pete Alewine Pool and Spa offers a wide variety of fiberglass shapes, sizes and colors to fit any backyard. These state of the art designs come with a lifetime warranty and the comfort of knowing that it will be installed by our experts.

Click either logo below to learn more about each company and take a look at the different fiberglass designs available.

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**2023-24 pricing is listed.  Prices are subject to change without notice**

Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools
Latham Pools
Latham Pools
Concrete Options

There are several options that can transform your concrete decking and create a different look than tradition concrete. Spray decking, concrete scoring and salt pitting are all options to give your deck texture and/or color. Spay decking can be added after the concrete is poured. Salt pitting and scoring must be chosen before the concrete is poured

Brick Coping

  • Spray Decking – $6.85 per sq. ft.
  • Concrete Scoring – $6.50 per liner ft.
  • Extra concrete – $6.75 per sq. ft.
  • Extra concrete w/ Buff Color – $4.50 per sq. ft.
  • Brick Expansion Joints – $41.00 per linear ft.
  • Stone Expansion Joints – $45.00 per linear ft.
  • Pumping of Concrete (per occurrence) – $750
Concrete Options
Other Options
  • Robotic Cleaner Prowler 920– $1,500+/-
  • Heater (Gas) *does not include the cost to run the Gas Line -$5,800*
  • iPhone/iPad Interface -$1,575
  • Handheld Remote (4 Function) -$1,375
  • Deck Jet (Ea.) -$575
  • Umbrella Sleeve -$50
  • Plumb Future Water Feature -$450
Other Options
Pool Lights

Pete Alewine Pool Company includes an underwater pool light in every pool package. Our upgrades include adding an additional light or trading up to an LED light. LED lights use less energy, provide 5 different color options and 7 pre-programmed light shows.

Light Options

  • LED (add on) – $1,250.00
Pool Lights
Hand Rails

Pete Alewine Pool Company offers an aluminum handrail addition for steps and beach entries into your swimming pool. Powder coated hand rails are also available if you are looking for an option other than the traditional aluminum color.

Railing Options

  • Aluminum – $650.00
  • Powder Coated – $900.00
Hand Rails
  • Dirt Removal (per load) – $400
  • Fill Dirt (per load) -$400
  • Stump & Debris Removal (per load) -$850
  • Drainage, running out downspouts, etc. -TBD

 Items Included in a Fiberglass Pool Package

  • Excavation and Installation of Pool
  • Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pump
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Brick Coping
  • Skimmer w/Dual Wall Suction & 2 Returns
  • Choice of Pool Shell Color
  • Pentair Salt System w/ Easy Touch
  • Deluxe Cleaning Package
  • Initial Balancing of Pool Water
  • Globrite LED Underwater Light (1)
  • Overflow System
  • Salt Pit Finish on Pool Deck (Concrete)
  • Concrete Decking w/ 4’ on the Sides, 8′ at the Deep End, and 12’ on the Shallow End
  • Pool School – “How to Class”


 All Fiberglass Pools Priced As Follows (regardless of shape or width)

  • $2,180 per foot (this excludes Models with a Spa and/or a Beach Entry)
  • $2,300 times the length of the pool for Models with a Beach Entry
  • Add $7,050 for Blower and Heater required for Models with a Spa
  • Add $3,700 for Pools 8′ Deep

Example: 30′ long pool without a Spa or a Beach Entry is $65,400 aka 30 x $2,180 = $65,400

A 34.5′ long pool with a Beach Entry is $79,350 aka 34.5 x $2,300 = $79,350

Coping Options

  • Flagstone – $2,600
  • Concrete – $65-80/LF (varies depending on color and edge finish
  • Travertine – $3,000

**Below are a handful of the examples that we provide.  Please check our vendor links above for full list of options available**

Pool Name Approx. Length x Width
Olympia 35’ x 16′
Aruba 22’ x 11’
Sandal Beach Entry 34’-6” x 16′ or 39’-5/8” x 16’
Lil Box LX 35’-6″ x 13′-5″
Cancun 35’ x 16′
Aspen 40’ x 16′
Sun Day 30’ x 15′
Wellspring 36’ x 16′